Trailer Story

The trailer tells a story of a girl Juliet who seems to have an obsessed lover and a horny fiance. What unfolds in the film, is a generation old tale only told with a new prespective.


While there is nothing really new in the story line, however, certain parts of story telling was actually very well done and the twists on offer made this rather boring story a tale worth watching. A Hindu-Muslim love story full of bold sexual flavor between Adults – not 12 year old kids who need parental guidance in life decisions, not pawns to society who are tied down by rules of religion and hypocrisy.

The film showcases a girl who is loud and has no qualms about it, she abuses easily, beats up boys and speaks her mind – full bindaas; she is torn between her destiny and her hormones and then between her self respect and her heart. A tale based in small towns of UP, where male dominance is still a thing and women getting the respect they deserve still an alien concept.


Pia Bajpai is a delight and packs a punch – she is loud, funny, in-the-face and sexy. Darshan Kumaar too stays true to his character. Priyanshu Chatterjee, Swanand Kirkire, Chandan Roy Sanyal play the supporting cast as required.

Music & Songs 

The background score adds to the mood of the film, the songs are well crafted but lack the mass appeal kinda flavor. Mass appeal meaning lacks superstars, thumkas, cheap lyrics or item girls.

Editing & Direction

Editing is precise and direction by Rajesh Ram Singh adds color to this rather drab tale of love, guns and gundas.

Writing & Screenplay

Giving an old tale a new look and meaning takes a lot of courage and ambition. The story-telling is packed with conviction of the raw-real stories happening in our heartland. Though the screenplay is good through most of the film, some places its phenomenal. Some of the sequences are so well captured that you wonder why the audience was deprived of these simple yet beautiful camera slow motions for all these years of Bollywood.

Final Verdict 

Watch this film for Pia Bajpai and how films like these can catapult her career to great heights. The film delivers a very powerful message of girl independence and her individuality being respected by her family, friends and society. Without being preachy, the film showcases the mentality we desperately need to change as a nation. Its a good movie to watch – there is humor, sex, action and none of that is in vain – there is a point it all drives towards.

General Details

Drama, Romance
Run TIme
125 Mins
Release Date
07th April 2017


Darshan Kumar


Rajesh Ram Singh
Neeraj Kumar Burman


Screen Play
Shanti Bhushan


Music Composer
Krsna Solo
Sandeep Nath
Javed Ali