Yamaha has been around in the motorcycle market for a very long time. They have been one the most trusted automobile companies across the globe. Known for its super sport bikes, Yamaha has been trying to break the shackles of the market by introducing various bikes and scooters at every segment. Extreme bike enthusiasts have been a big fan of Yamaha and this has become a cult figure for them. When we talk about Yamaha, automatically we have a visual image of a stylish, mean and speedy bike which can unleash hell at the streets and trust me, that is what the Yamaha YZF R3 does. The bike looks like their famous R1 and not just looks but it is one of the fastest bike in their segment. This puts them into a direct competition with the Kawasaki 300, KTM 390 and even the Honda CBR 300. It is priced at Rs.3.74 lakh (On road – Mumbai)

Engine & Performance

The Yamaha YZ R3 has been powered by a dual cylinder, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled parallel twin engine which is displaced at 321cc. It has a very weird displacement because of the two forged pistons which work in an over-square configuration. The four valves are supported by twin combustion chambers which are handled by twin overhead camshafts. It runs at a compression of 11.2:1 which is higher than the Ninja. Thus, the Yamaha extracts a lot more power than its competitors but at the risk of fuel efficiency. Yamaha’s engine is a prime example of pure unadulterated power because it really has a go at the streets once it crosses the 7000rpm. There is enough torque in the bike to push us through with no noise at low revs of the bike; and this may be due to the bike’s refinement. Like most entry-level bikes in this segment, there are no vibrations and stern noises which is really remarkable. When it comes to speed, the YZF R3 doesn’t fall short because it goes from 0 to 60kmph in under 3 seconds and then 0-100 is just 5.5 seconds with a mind whooping topseed of 190kmph, we believe that it can go upto 195kmph. So, if you are just about speed then the R3 is the bike. Withstanding the speed of the bike, the Yamaha is not hard to ride on the roads, especially in traffic. Unlike most bikes, we can rev between 4000-5000rpm and activate the cruise mode in us. Talking about numbers, the R3 has a maximum power of 41.4bhp @ 10750rpm and a maximum torque of 29.6Nm @ 9000rpm. 



Ride Quality

The Yamaha YZF R3 rides as smooth as silk on the roads. Having an extremely sophisticated riding mechanism, it really surprises us because usually sport bikes don’t have such a smooth ride quality. It is crisp, sharp and extremely responsive to sharp corners and edges of the road. When compared to the R15, the R3 has comprehensively beaten its sibling with spectacular handling but this all is possible only when we ride at a particular speed. To gather momentum from a standstill is still an area for concern regarding the R3. Realistically, the Indian version of the R3 is said to not have tyres which provide supreme grip to reach high speeds due to the bad road conditions. This is kind of disappointing because the R3 is a brilliant machine. For riding a high speed bike you need confidence and the R3 gives you that. Just like every other disappointing story, it has great standard brakes but the exclusion of the ABS is just disheartening. Competing in such a competitive market they should have really considered using the ABS system despite the fact that it has a good set of brakes. When it comes to tyres, the R3 uses the MRF which is good tyre brand but it can do much better by a Pirelli or even Metzeler. It has a diamond type chassis with telescopic forks as front suspension and swingarm at the rear suspension. The elevated fuel tank looks muscular which can help us our comfort levels when it comes to touring. 


Looks & Design

The Yamaha is so hot and sensual that it’d arouse a hardcore bike lover any given day. Twin headlights look dominating but it’s sad to see that only headlamp can be used at a time. There is a tiny air shaft between two headlights and above that is a large but a dim daytime running light. Windshield of the bike is great because it blocks a considerate amount of air to the bikers chest and arms. When compared to the R15, the R3 really has taken looks and design up a fair notch and has set the bar extremely high. The rear end of the bike looks sharp and compliments the entire bike as a whole adding some meaning and purpose to it. Through a naked eye, the R3 looks like a machine which is ready to rumble on the streets and that is what increases the quality of its looks. R3 stands out when stood near the other bikes naturally. The bike is not made of any cheap plastic etc that would harm the looks and design of it. The side guard has a rather odd shape and design which is noticed at first from a side angle. It somewhat hampers the looks of the bike but we can easily look past it due to the brilliant and significant styling on the Yamaha YZF R3. 


Fuel & Economy

The Yamaha YZF R3 has an overall mileage of 24kmpl where it goes at 20kmpl in the city and around 25-30kmpl on the highways. When compared to its competitors, it fairs a bit less to the Kawasaki and Benelli TNT 300. But, it is understood that we cannot expect an extreme fuel efficient bike when it comes to the segment of sport bikes in this segment.



The battery power of the R3 is a 12V – 7Ah with a headlamp of 12 v – 55 W x 1 / 55 W x 1. It comprises of a projector headlight, pilot lamps and LED tail lights. The design of the headline is sleek with a sporty design to it and even the taillight is good looking and heavily compliments the looks of the entire bike. 


Suggestto Verdict 

The R3 hasn’t gives us much to complain apart from the exclusion of ABS, usage of MRF tyres and without any doubt, the price tag. It is a complete sports bike which gives us a lot of power and substance but it isn’t raw like the KTM RC 390. Barring all of that, the R3 is a real role model for the other bikes which is nicely built and also goes at an express pace. Yamaha is known all across the globe for a reason and if you think it fits in your preference then definitely go for it.

General Details

Racing Blue. Black Lightning.

Engine Configuration

Cubic Capacity
321 cc
41.4 bhp @ 10750 rpm
29.6 Nm @ 9000 rpm


2090 mm
1135 mm
720 mm
Kerb Weight
169 Kg
Saddle Height
780 mm

Fuel Economy

Tank Capacity
14 Ltrs
Mileage - City
22 kmpl
Mileage - Highway
27 kmpl

Chasis and Suspension

Front Suspension
Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension

Brakes and Safety



12 V - 55 W x 1 / 55 W x 1
12 V - 7 Ah