The amount of competition on the hatchback category is too much in the market right now. For a car to come in and succeed in the entry level hatchback category is really tough. You never when you company can get toppled from the top spot because this segment works heavily on networks and cheap maintenance. When we talk about networks and cheap maintenance, Maruti does an absolute wonderful job but now there are cars which are giving Maruti a run for their money. Hyundai’s Eon is taking on Maruti’s Alto in a fierce competition where there is absolutely no holding back. Now, between this storm, the Renault family decided to drop their hatchback “Kwid”. Yes, the Kwid finds itself between the Alto and Eon to be on top. With a starting price of a mere Rs.2.56 lakhs, it has already turned a few heads. 

Looks (Exterior)

The Kwid looks like a hatchbook which is really powerful and muscular. It takes absolutely no nonsense when it comes to the build. This car looks mean and ready to take on the Alto and Eon with no mercy. The compact SUV has a real aggressive grille which flared wheel arches. The headlights of the nicely designed and with the sculpted bonnet, it perfectly complements the headlights and gives a really good front profile. The turn indicators on the front wheel bends a bit resulting in a C-pillar shape. The wheels of the car are a bit disappointing. It makes the car look like a sub-standard version and doesn’t really go well with the body of the car. The plastic used in the car is really of good quality only for the door knobs. The side profile of the car has a good design with the body being quirky and rash. Tail-light of the car also has a good feel and having a nice ground clearance from the rear, it looks a bit clever as well. 


Design (Interior)

The boot space of the car is really spacious. Getting into the car gives us a good feel and atmosphere. The steering wheel of the car has a nice shape to it and this car comes with a complete digital instrument cluster which is one of a kind. The fuel economy and trip permutation comes on the digital screen and by that the driver can alter their driving style. The built of the car is clearly not cheap per se because it looks really refined. There is a lot of storage space in the car with two glove boxes, two bottle holders, a lot of place in front of the gear lever and with a bottle holder in the top. The seats of the car are really comfortable; it looks foamy and a lot of cushion has been used which is used to aid the passengers and driver in the car. Alongside the seats, the headrest also looks very comfortable. The boot capacity is around 300 liters. The car comes with a power window which is really standard, central locking and air conditioning. The touchscreen digital instrument really is very attractive. It comes with Bluetooth, navigation and USB. The audio system has two speakers in the front. The really disappointing thing is that it has only one airbag which is really a trait in terms of safety and protection.

Engine & Performance

The Renault Kwid is a 3 cylinder 799cc motor, the cylinder is made of aluminum like most lightweight engines are made of. The intake manifold and oil pan are made of durable plastic. The three-pot mill spits around 54 bhp of power @ 5678rpm and the maximum torque is at around 72 Nm @ 4386 rpm. The weight of the car is around 650kgs and has an incredible power to weight ratio. The engine is really smooth but it doesn’t have power in the high revs. The short shift gear helps us not to lose speed and power of the car. There is no tremendous surge of power in and speed but it does back a punch. The five-speed gearbox is easy and is spaced well. While shifting gears, there is no annoying vibration. 

Fuel & Economy

The mileage of the Renault Kwid is pretty. It received an ARAI certified efficiency figure of 25.17kmpl which makes it the most petrol efficient car in the country. It goes around 22kmpl in the city and around 30kmpl on the highways.

Ride Quality & Safety

The ground clearance of the ar is 180mm which eases past the potholes and high bumps. The short wheelbase of the car means that it can go over any type of speed breaker. Plus, the high ground clearance results in better visibility of the road for the driver. The suspension of the car are really dynamic, the front suspension consists of MacPherson Strut while the rear is Twist Beam Suspension which is really good for the roads in our country. The car keeps the passengers intact and doesn’t throw them around when the rough turn of dirty speed breakers come. This car can really go well around corners and doesn’t lose control on the road. The front of the car has disc brakes while the rear has drum type of brakes. Honestly, the brakes of the car could have done a bit more with 155 section tyre. We have said this so many times that IT IS REALLY ANNOYING WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE ABS IN YOUR CAR! Abs increases the safety of the driver and increases the braking efficiency as well. 

Service & Maintenance

The after sale service of the car is good and there is no change in the machine after it comes out of service. Renault service stations are located all across the county which makes it physically possible to reach.

Suggestto Verdict

Renault has really come up with a compact car that serves well. In the cut throat competition Renault has left nothing back. A good engine with good mileage and also not to forget, the many features that the Renault Kwid has makes it a really good car. Renault claims the lowest ownership cost in this segment and the spare parts of this song is also easily available. It’s all about personal preference but the Kwid has given the Alto and Eon a run for its money, easily.

General Details


Engine Configuration

Cubic Capacity
799 cc


3679 mm

Fuel Economy

Tank Capacity
28 litres

Brakes and Safety