A Punjabi NRI from Ca-nay-da. High school romance, the girl from Sada Pind, waiting for her knight in shining armour to come and sweep her off her feet and commit to each other in holy matrimony.

Only, the pandits discover that our man is a Manglik and to ensure his stars won't harm their marriage, he has to marry a tree. (Which is cut, to ensure the tree doesn't interfere in their lives in Ca-nay-da). The resident evil, our friendly neighbourhood ghost Shashi is lost as she doesn't have a home aka tree anymore and without her consent she has been tied to the NRI in marriage. Enter uninvited second bride, or should we say the first bride.

What we see in the trailer pretty much sums up the begining of the film. While Shashi, the ghost tries to not scare the humans, it is not everyday that you come face to face with a ghost and even think about befriending them. As the story progresses, we realise that there is more than what meets the eye, and Shashi is carrying major emotional baggage (parallel love story)


Anushka Sharma as Shashi makes you laugh and makes you cry, she is amazing. Kanan as Suraj Sharma nails the confused NRI act, while Mehrene Kaur's act as Anu and Diljit Dosanjh as Roop Kumar get the story going. The punjabi family members are full of wit and punjabi humor. All in all, Anushka Sharma is the soul of the story. Literally!

Performance Anushka, Daljit



Personally, I love Sahiba and I liked the way the songs were not there to fill random gaps and make the film seem longer, but were a part of the storytelling.


The story has an exceptional fresh out-of-the-box kinda plot. The love story engages you and keeps you guessing too. A story of love that lasts forever.


Writting & Screenplay

The screenplay is beautiful in certain parts of the film, especially, the parts where they depict India of 1900's. The writting is tight and doesn't fail to entertain you. 

Editting & Direction

The transitions of the present to the past were seemlessly done. The love stories portrayed aptly, the millenial love story full of uncertainty while the retro love story full of "chup-chup ke milna" and "aankhon se baatein karna"
Director Phillauri

Final Verdict

The film is a great family entertainer and a must watch for all cinema-goers. The story is simple, the performances are great, and the music is good and non-interfering. Go and fall in love with a ghost. Cheers with "high" spirits!

General Details

Fantasy, Drama
Run TIme
128 Mins
Release Date
24th March 2017


Anushka Sharma, Suraj Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh


Anshai Lal
Anushka Sharma, Kamesh Sharma, Parasmaan, Fox Star Studios, Clean Slate Films


Screen Play
Anvita Dutt


Music Composer
Tanuj Tiku, Sashwat Sachdev, Jasleen Royal