Back Story

A fairy tale? Or a folklore? No one really knows for certain. Turning back time and going far and beyond, one discovers that truly this tale is as old as time. Originally written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in 1740, the story which is abridged in 1748 by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont becomes the more popular one.

Since then, the fairy tale has been retold many times and via various mediums such as literature, film, television, theatre and musicals. The version we are reviewing is the 2017 live-action remake of the Disney's 1991 animated film.


What happens when a girl (however old) gives you a red rose and you refuse to honor the gesture? Well, she becomes really really mad and turns you into a hideous beast, leaving you alone to find true love for the spell to be broken. Damn!


Emma Watson seemlessly steps into the bellies of Belle and Dan Stevens as The Prince and the Beast is fantabolous. Luke Evans is the perfect Gaston, Kevin Kline as Maurice and Josh Gad as LeFou are spot-on. The cast is enchanting to say the least.


I think what makes Beauty and the Beast magical even today is the music. A Oscar-winning soundtrack that proved to be a turning point for Walt Disney in 1991 by appealing to millions of fans returns in its original lyrical form along with new material written by Menken and Rice. New songs like "Days in the sun", "How does a moment last forever" and "Evermore" add much depth to the story-telling.

Direction, Editing & Cinematography

Directed by Bill Candon, who re-tells this story perfectly, leaving no scope for complaints from die-hard fans. The cinematography creates magic and transforms you into this magical world full of nostalgia and wonder. While the story more or less is what you have already seen, it still is a great recreation of the classic animated film that would leave the die-hard fan in you satisfied.


To sum it up, its a magnificient recreation so take out time and go watch "Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast"


General Details

Run TIme
2h 10m

Cast & Crew

Female Lead
Emma Watson
Male Lead
Dan Stevens
Bill Condon
David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman
Alan Menken
Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve
Tobias Schliessler
Virginia Katz