Back Story

The extended trailer tells us of a tale of re-incarnation and like every story of re-birth revolves around left business of the previous life, even this film comes with its Past Karma Baggage


The story tries to be new and different. The film is a large scale Epic Romantic Fantasy & Thriller. Some parts of the film are really well done – casting of Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput and the screenplay. However, some parts needs to communicate more story and conviction and a few parts of the film seem rather unnecessary.


Sushant Singh Rajput is very convincing in both his parts – the urban chic-magnet Punjabi munda who gets a chance to leave his village and travel to London and as the warrior king. Kriti Sanon is lovable and her enchanting innocence and beauty is pivotal to the plot. The chemistry of the pair is spontaneous, electrifying and amazing…

Leaving the protagonists aside, the casting could have been enhanced with actors who echoed the same conviction as the leads of the film. Jim Sarbh although seemed convincing is not menacing enough to be taken seriously by the audience and doesn’t do justice to the whole plot. Deepika Padukone’s special entry seems forced. Rajkumar Rao’s makeup is fab (wish there was a purpose to the wicked getup).


Background score by Sachin-Jigar handles the plot well. The urban setting has melodies we all can relate to whilst the purv janam canvas is dark and charges in with the war, drama & deceit. However, I felt it could have been louder and more immersive for this fantasy-thriller to really work.

The soundtrack of the film, Ik Vaari Aa is being loved by all lovers with 60million+ views of the song on Youtube when this review was published. The rest of the songs of the film don’t really stick

Editing & Direction

The story has to cover a lot of ground and thus the director doesn’t waste any time in coming to the point. Many parts of the story-telling is poorly managed, especially the time spent on them. The project seems very ambitious and one can see the director’s honest and dedicated attempt at making an almost International Fantasy-Thriller film.

Editing is very very precise and the screen transitions are very smooth.

Writing & Screenplay 

Sushant Singh Rajput’s dialogs are amazing and so is his screen timing. Kriti Sanon matches his screen presence with equally well timed dialogs. The writing is fresh, but lacks the depth and conviction required in an epic fantasy film to make the audience believe in your plot and see your world view.

Screenplay is magnificent, the graphic play seems to give the film and international look. I wish the makers tried to make the film in 3D.

Final Verdict

The Good: Amazing Chemistry, Great Graphics, Quirky Dialogs and the beautiful Kriti Sanon

The Bad: Casting of the rest of the crew, lack of 3D, lack of immersive dramatic & loud sound

The Ugly: No depth and detail to the main plot, back story seems loosely bind and ludicrously vague

General Details

Thriller, Romance


Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon


Dinesh Vijan




Music Composer
Pritam Chakraborty