The Bajaj is commonly known by their model “Pulsar” but now since they have released the Dominar 400, it is certainly shaking the 400cc market in the country. Pulsar was the most sold bike in the country which also took Bajaj to new heights since it was the favorite amongst the youngsters. Our country has been looking for a “has it all” bike and I think the Dominar 400 tick marks all the categories.

Bajaj Dominar 400 is one of those bikes which gives competition to the Royal Enfield (Or may even be better than them?). By the looks and performance of the Dominar, we are pretty sure that Bajaj can come up with something in the 300cc section as it being dominated by Royal Enfield currently. At the first impression, Dominar 400 is everything that today’s general population is looking for. It is a triple spark 4-valve DTS-i engine with a closed fuel injection which is liquid cooled. Priced at Rs. 1.36 lakhs (NON ABS) and Rs. 1.50 lakhs (WITH ABS), Bajaj Dominar 400 has come out with an impressive release.

Looks & Design

This bike is available in a three-color scheme, i.e. Midnight Blue, Twilight Plum and Moon White.  The elevated fuel tank of the bike gives it a sports bike feel where we can lean forward and zoom through the roads. Seat is at a height of 800mm and making is similar to the Pulsar. Making it ready to pounce, the Dominor 400 is a low-slung monster with a unique design on the body. Sharp finishes at every curve on the machine is dark and intimate. With the naked eye, the Dominor 400 resembles that of a lion, which makes it the king of style and class. Without any doubt, it’s one of the better looking bikes in the market currently.

It has a complete digital setup. The speedometer looks stylish and gives you the virtual gaming feel and the fuel tank has the indicators of the battery, headlight/fog light usage, bike stand and petrol. All-round fancy lighting of the bike gives it the status of urbanity.



The Bajaj Dominar 400 has a 373.3cc engine which is a triple spark 4-valve DTS-i engine. Bajaj was the one who used to frequently use the DTS-i engines which resulted in better functioning of the ride and assisted in mileage and fuel consumption.  Generally is other Bajaj bikes they have used 3-valve engines but this being a 4-valve DTS-i engine, it helps in less vibrations and noise and the engine parts also have an enhanced life-span. The machine does not overheat when it is revved up to 6000 rpm due to the engine being air cooled.

The bike has a smooth lift off from neutral and by the clutch and gearbox having a rather positive relationship, there is no hiccups and safely touches 100kmph at the 6th without any shuddering. It is said that the Dominar 400 goes up to 167kmph which makes it impressive. The rev is said to be locked at 9k and after the first service when it is removed, it can be estimated that it may touch the 180kmph barrier. It almost has an equal power and torque ticked at 35 bhp and 32 Nm respectively which is maxed out at 6500rpm. Having a refined set-up from the bass, the evenness from the exhaust is exhilarating. Compared to the Duke, Dominar 800 sounds and runs much better. Although it could be tweaked a bit more since it starts vibrating at high speed but it can be looked past that because this bike seriously means business and gets the job done.

Ride & Handling

At first sight, Dominar 400 looks sort of a Pulsar but when we look at it closes, it clearly shows off much more strength and muscle. The frame is designed like a beam type but with steel and vigor. Front suspension is telescopic with 43mm forks and the rear end suspension is a multi-step adjustable mono shock. The rear suspension seems to be standard but Dominor played it right in their favor by including two adjustable shocks where it eliminates all the disturbances on the road. Not to forget, it has an impressive of a slipper clutch making it absolutely simple for the rider to ride the machine.

It goes rather easy on any sort of surface but if driven right into a heavy pothole, it will surely not be a good experience for the rider. The handlebar of the bike is slightly elevated which makes it comfortable. Being a cruiser bike, the Dominar 400 sails through traffic and moves with utmost ease. It also has a ground clearance of 157mm which is a sufficient distance between the surface and the axle of the bike and is safe from bumps. Front tyres are built in with 110/70-17 Radial’s and Rear tyres are built in with 150/60-17 Radial, giving the rider a nice grip and causing minimal friction. Honestly, they could have done better in tyre department. With so much advancement, a set of Pirelli’s would have sufficed.

Fuel & Economy

In the 400cc category, there is a rivalry between the KTM Duke and the Bajaj Dominor 400. When it comes to mileage, the latter eats up the Duke for breakfast by giving an approximate mileage of 32 kmpl. Also, Bajaj has been renowned to be the country’s “Fuel efficient” ride.

It has a standard fuel tank capacity of 13 ltrs so there nothing extremely amazing about it. 



Bajaj Dominor 400 looks drop dead gorgeous and very intriguing. Visible from a distance, Dominor 400 is built with full LED headlamps wit Auto headlamps on (AHO). The design on the headlamp and taillights are hot, making it extremely desirable and irresistible.

The LED lamps make the brightness of the bike attractive and also it is efficient. It kind of reminds us of the Ducati Streetfighter 1098.


Dominar 400 has bossed every other bike in the 400cc category in terms of the braking dynamics. Built in with twin channel ABS, it keeps the monster in control when it literally flies. Front brakes include a twin channel ABS, 320mm dia disc and the rear brakes include again, a twin channel ABS, 230mm dia disc. ABS is not available in every bike and seeing the way people ride their respective bikes, it seems to be a necessary component. The bike stops within a short range with minimum fuss and trouble. This bike is also available in non-ABS, simple disc version. 

Suggestto Verdict

The Bajaj Dominor 400 slays and delivers right up to your doorstep. One of the best bikes in the 400cc category, it is clearly worth every penny in your pocket. This bike has everything that a common rider wants, be it looks, performance, handling, mileage etc. Not many bikes can tick mark all the categories but Dominor 400 has certainly proved us wrong. Mid-range vibrations from the bike are a slight concern but do not affect you as it flies through the roads. Smooth transmission through gears brings up a certain amount of charm through your journey. The inclusion of ABS in both brakes is impressive! 

Without any doubt, go for it. Trust me, it will not fail you. It rather may just impress you further.

General Details

Dominar 400
Midnight Blue. Twilight Plum. Moon White.

Engine Configuration

Cubic Capacity
373.3 cc
35 ps @ 8000 rpm
35 NM @ 6500 rpm


2156 mm
1112 mm
813 mm
Kerb Weight
182 kgs
Saddle Height
800 mm

Fuel Economy

Tank Capacity
13 litres
Mileage - City
Mileage - Highway

Chasis and Suspension

Beam Type Perimeter Frame
Front Suspension
Telescopic 43 mm Forks
Rear Suspension
Multi Step Adjustable Mono Shock

Brakes and Safety



Full LED
12 V - 8 Ah