Undoubtedly the biggest electronics company on this globe, apple have been releasing the iPhone series since the year 2007. It has been exactly 9 years but still Apple never ceases to amaze us. iPhone 7 was released at September 16th, 2016 being the successor of iPhone 6/6s.

Frankly, through the naked eye there is not much difference when you compare the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6/6s. 

Every year Apple releases a new iPhone and we always think that “This is the best iPhone ever!” but nope, iPhone 7 has a certain sense of sophistication and experience. It is one of those phones which brand itself as a style statement for the people. The thing which amazes us the most is that they have removed the universally accepted audio-jack port. This invited a lot of trolling from other mobile brands *cough*  Samsung  *cough* but withstanding that, the iPhone 7 is a tech lovers paradise. Some say that operating an iOS driven phone is very tough and complex but that is all just false statements because operating the iPhone 7 is smooth and crystal clear.  

The toughest competition iPhone faces every year is from Samsung. Competing in a cut-throat market, the rivalry between both the smart-phone brands have gone to another level of technology and looks. iPhone 7 128GB is priced at Rs. 70,000/- which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Looks & Design

Compared to its other siblings, the iPhone 7 looks rather bigger and more dominant in design. Other than there are very slight changes in design which are not really noticeable. With a complete Matte finish on the back panel, the iPhone 7 looks like a version which will be upgraded in their coming version. 

The iPhone is not durable. The design itself looks a bit fragile and weak. If you look at a Samsung or even a Lenovo/Xiomi, they have muscle in their body and make making them sturdy and very durable. If you drop your iPhone, you are up for a nice share of cash from your pocket. Barring the durability standards, iPhone l7 looks extremely stylish and is definitely a style statement not only amongst youngsters but also amongst Adults. Having a finger-print/home button at the bottom of the front screen, it makes it very convenient for usage. 
Looks & Design IPhone

Display & Resolution

iPhone 7 have put forward the biggest design in terms of display and resolution compared to the other iPhones. After some intensive research, the phone uses gamut displays. It has a 4.7” inch full HD Retina display with a LED backlit widescreen. Making it extremely easy for the user to operate with minimal stress on the eyes, it also is friendly in both, ambient lighting and in-door lighting. 

It adjusts itself according to the surrounding and lighting. It has a 1334 x 1750 – pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch. It also has a contrast ratio of 1400:1. 

Other specifications include Wide color display, 625 cd/m2 max brightness, dual domain pixels for wide viewing angles, a fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating, display zoom and good reach-ability. Frankly, not many people see these specifications but the most impressive feature in the iPhone 7 in terms of display and resolution is Splash, water and dust resistant.

Performance and Battery

The iPhone 7 uses a 1960 mAh battery which is extremely less when compared to other smart phone batteries out there. Thus, the iPhone battery drains very quickly if used intensively which makes it a negative trait. But, it has the longest battery life when compared to other iPhones.  

iPhone 7 has a performance chip called the A10 fusion and it is the first quad-core processor in it. This maybe the fastest and the most versatile smart-phone out there in today’s market. The 6s had enough speed anyways but the 7s has amazed us all, due thanks to the A10 fusion chip. 

The applications in the phone are powerful and yet there wasn’t any sense of lag in the phone. Heavy duty games are supported by the iPhone 7. It seems like nothing can slow this phone down or include any sort of sluggish behavior. It basically withstands everything that can potentially slow the phone down making it very reliable.  If the battery of this phone was a bit more powerful then there were no two doubts about giving it a 5/5 in this category. 

It is fitted with the latest operating system, iOS 10. So basically iOS 10 includes various upgrades in terms of photos, SIRI, Maps and even in the inbuilt messenger app known as iMessenger. The relationship between the hardware and the software is neutral and smooth. Even an update to iOS 10.1 from iOS 10 is available with slight further adjustments and fixes.



Comparing itself to the other iPhones, the 7 has made serious upgrades that are commendable in terms of camera. It has a 12 megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 7 megapixel front camera. The optical image stabilization is with an f/1.8 aperture & and a 6-element lens in both photo and video.

Low-light photography on the iPhone 7 is highly impressive. There is perfect balance with no evident noise and even the exposure is good with tasty detail. Grabbing a perfect low-light picture is something which can only be done by a professional camera but the iPhone 7 does that just correctly. 

The camera application on the phone is fairly to operate and the phones camera is beautiful. It is easy to take a picture and to know whether the image is focused or not. Every minute detail in picture is closely visible and highly on-point, despite zooming into the image completely, the slightest detail of the background is visible which is highly breathtaking. The front camera of the phone is good, having a 7 megapixel lens, it captures pictures with good detail and structure. If you like taking selfies, this phone is for you. 

Networking, Calling & Connectivity

The iPhone 7 is a single sim card phone. Nano-sim is used for this phone. It is available in the GSM/CDMA/HSPA/EVDO and LTE mode in terms of technology.  Calling on this phone is easy. 

Hearing the recipient is clear with no sort of buzz or disturbance. Connectivity of this phone is clear and efficient. There is not much diversification in terms of networking, calling and connectivity because it is the most standard principle of any smart-phone thus there aren’t many changes or upgrades. 

Yes, only if this phone was dual-sim, it would be flawless but even a single nano-sim can function much better than a dual sim depending on which service you use. 


The most spoken about feature of the new iPhone 7 is the ear-pods. Before that, you should know that the iPhone 7 doesn’t have an audio jack. 

iPhones are not renowned for their multimedia feature but  at-least when you consider video playbacks. Screen been fairly small but it suffices because it is gorgeous and smooth. 

For music, the iPhone 7 has an in-built speaker where it is both stereo and mono speakers. The bass aren’t extremely clear as it lacks structure and finesse. Ear-pods are a good feature as it fits perfectly into your ear without any sort of irritation. There is a perfect blend of bass and treble making music equalization absolutely perfect. The high and low-end of the songs aren’t noisy making it pleasing to hear even at high volume.

Suggesto Verdict

See, the iPhone 7 is a style statement smartphone. Despite its flaws people still purchase it and are extremely satisfied. 

The phone is available in 5 color schemes – Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. It is drop-dead gorgeous and elegant with breathtaking camera technology.  Battery life has been increased and it has become much more speedy and responses beautifully. 

We think that if you already have an iPhone 6s then upgrading to the iPhone 7 does not make sense because there is only the slightest of slightest tunings. Plus, the price of the phone is too high keeping in mind the “upgrades”. If you don’t own an iPhone and you have the money then definitely go for it. 

It will give you an experience like nothing before. 

General Details

Model Number
iPhone 7
silver, gold, rose gold, black or shiny jet black

Configuration Highlights

Operating System
iOS 10.0.1, upgradable to iOS 10.3
Quad-core 2.34 GHz (2x Hurricane + 2x Zephyr)
32GB / 64 GB / 128 GB
2 GB
PowerVR Series7XT Plus

Product Dimensions

7.1 mm
67.1 mm
138.3 mm
138 g

Display & Resolution

Screen Size
4.7 inches
Display Type
LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen
Display Resolution
750 x 1334 pixels


Front Camera
7 MP
Rear Camera
12 MP
Camera Technology
Phase detection autofocus, OIS, quad-LED (dual tone) flash


32 GB / 64 FB / 128 GB

Network & Connectivity

SIM Slots
Connectivity Technologies
v2.0, reversible connector
Wireless LAN
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, hotspot
v4.2, A2DP, LE


Battery Type
Non-removable Li-Ion 1960 mAh battery
Battery Run Time
5 Hours


1 Year