Back Story

The God of Cricket, in Motion Picture format!


There isn’t one story attached to Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar; a humble Mumbai boy who moved the nation as one when he batted. One of the biggest icons of Indian Sports, motivating an entire brigade of young cricketers like Virendra Sehwag, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli to name a few.

There are many stories in this story, story of a boy who dreamed for his nation and when he moved – the crowd only did 2 things, hold their breath or scream out loud – SACHIN!!! SACHIN!!!!


In this docu-drama, the eyes are only set at one – and we’ve been enjoying his performance for the past 35years. The supporting cast to play young Sachin and family members was done nicely and it does feel like the Legends story in flashback.


Music is not noticeable in most parts of the documentary, but whenever it played out, it played out quite well.

Editing & Direction

Whoever started the idea of this project had one thing very clear, to make this film as per International Standards and if that means to get the best for the best batsman of our century.

Editing is precise and the direction team had a good eye for detail, the captain of this ship, the director James Erskine spacing out the legends life in a straightforward manner.

Writing & Screenplay

Most of the parts are known to die-hard Sachin fans, there is hardly any suspense to the drama. The film is meant for International Audience to witness the God-like stature of a simple, grounded, down to earth boy from India who rose to become not only an icon in India but in the WORLD.

Controversial parts of his life story have been left at bay. The screenplay is apt with many legendary real cricketing feeds and videos, many young shots and interviews of Sachin comes together in this beautiful piece of a tale.

Suggestto Verdict – 200NOTOUT

Sachin divides the eras in Indian Cricketing history - before Sachin, with Sachin and after Sachin. The story is of a Nation’s faith, about sportsmanship, about love for the nation, about standing up after a fall.


Sachin Tendular


James Erskine


Music Composer
A.R. Rahman

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