Back Story 

Its an Irrfan Khan film!


What’s that Hindi Phrase that translates to “”Hit two with one stone”

Somethings, actually everything is better said in Hindi (except of course Profanity, then French is advised). But, back to story. The “mudda” is the School Admission Process in 21st Century India and along the way, the film also picks on various other topics like the Socio-Lingo Divide; Disastrous Implementation of Government Policies; The Business of Private Schools.


I repeat: It’s an Irrfan Khan film!

And also, the story does a brilliant act.

Also, Deepak Dobriyal, our brother from the Delhi Neighborhood is back with a bang. Saba Qamar is good.



Background score compliments the film, however some common loops were heard.

Suit Suit by Guru Randhawa, Hoor by Atif Aslam & Sukhbir’s comeback Oh Ho Ho Ho (Remix) add to the love story with the wife and Pia, the daughter.

Ek Jindari – is a great song showcasing how breaking some mind blocks can greatly benefit Our Children, Our Future, Our Countries Future.

Editing & Direction 

Whilst watching the rushes of the film in various videos of songs that were released earlier, I somehow wanted to see a little bit of the Love Story part of the couple who fondly were childhood friends. Barring that, the editing was great.

Direction was superb, however I felt the film could have been made a little bit more funny and a little more mockery could have helped the point a little more.


Suggestto Verdict

The film makes you laugh at the menace of our society, makes you cry when you look in the mirror. A movie about a sham of Unity in diversity, about “Poor” but Rich lives and Wealthy but poor lives. A simple film with a very big message. On micro level, a few great messages – one of them being – a lot of English Mediums queued up to watch Hindi Medium!