Back Story

A girl lost in the big bad world, turns to find her true purpose and meaning of life. Another woman-led film that promises to showcase the prowess of woman-power.


Finding yourself is the most satisfying journey of your life. When these stories are made into feature films, they need to be dealt that way. Noor is such a story; a girl lost in the crowd, with her stagnant career, no love life, invisible to her family she carries on with her boring monotonous life until one day things begin to change or they are forced to change. The first half of the film takes its own sweet time to establish the point and the second half drags that point and takes many detours before arriving at the conclusion. The conclusion also isn’t strong.


The only notable performance in the film is that of Sonakshi Sinha aka Noor. She doesn’t seem convinced at portraying the girl lost in the crowd kinda role and she isn’t even convincing whilst portraying the girl who needs to woman-up. She is great in parts and would have given a dynamite of a performance if the scripting was tight enough. Shibani Dandekar aka Zara plays the role of Noor’s soul sister quite convincingly. Other actors played their characters by the book.


‘Uff Ye Noor’ is a refreshing track; ‘Gulabi 2.0’ makes a good remix comeback; ‘Hai Zaroori’ is a soulful number and adds to the story-telling enabling the director to portray emotions otherwise left best to silence; ‘Jise Kehte Pyaar Hai’ is soft romantic number about a girl falling in love.

Writing & Screenplay 

The writing lacks spirit and form. The interesting plot line fails to transform itself on the screen. The captain of the ship, the director, Suhnil Sippy sets out to make a film about a girl protagonist, helping her find a voice and her purpose. The film fails to narrate and take the audience out on that journey. The friendly banter is well done, but the dialogs seem forced. 

Direction & Editing

Cinematographically, you see the colors of Bombay (after all the film is set in SoBo), and the screenplay on the whole is quite satisfying. That said, many unnecessary parts could have been edited out on the editing table.

Final Verdict

A few good things essayed in the film would be – the emphasis on responsible journalism; an independent girl trying to find her voice and purpose (and is not restricted to finding the perfect boy and having his kids and raising them); also tries to break the age-old thinking where we as a nation are biased by the socio-economic divide. The film promises to break the mould and deliver a new, fresh find yourself story. The slow and draggy narrative brings down the interest of the audience. Watch this film if you too are clueless about how to spend the next few hours. Watch this film if you are a Sonakshi Sinha fan. Watch it if you want to grab those corner seats in a rather empty hall. Not!

General Details

Run Time
116 mins


Sonakshi Sinha, Kanan Gill
Purab Koli, Sunny Leone


Sunhil Sippy
Hanif Chunawala, Priya Gupta
Aarif Sheikh
Keiko Nakahara
Ishita Moitra
Screen Play
Althea Kaushal, Shikhaa Sharma


Music Composer
Naren Chandavarkar, Benedict Taylor
Release Date
21st April, 2017