Back Story

The Smurfs were lost in New York in the 2011 introductory film. In 2013 came the sequel Smurfs 2 and now in 2017 we have the third part – Smurfs: The Lost Village


It’s the run to the mill story. There are the Good Smurfs and the Bad Wizard. The wizard wants the power he can get from capturing the smurfs and killing them to make a potion that will make him the greatest wizard in the whole world. Also, he wants hair on his rather bald head and in fairytale land there aren’t no tricologists. Hahaha! The female character of Smurfette who was playing the cute damsel until now sports the cloak of bravery and purpose. The character finds voice, meaning and strength.



It’s always a delight to experience the versatility of Voice Actors in the animation films made by Sony, Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks…


Background score flows with the film and enhances the experience of the 3D Movie watching experience. The OST is worth a listen too.


Editing & Direction

Welcome to Smurf world, nothing here is boring and nothing is dull. Everything is so colorful and vivid. The direction is to the point and will delight young audiences and smurfs-fans

Writing & Screenplay

Writing lacked the ‘different story’ approach, but it’s never dull or fails to make a point. The screenplay is magical and is in 3D. Voila!

Final Verdict

It’s a good film to watch. Simple Story. Great Character Sketches. Good Music. Good Morals about friendship and ethics. Colorful. Stays true to the brand of a Smurfs film. So, go on a date, take your kids, take your parents, a delight to watch!

General Details

Comedy, Animation


Demi Lovato, Rainn Wilson


Kelly Asbury


Stacey Harman, Pamela Ribon, Peyo


Music Composer
Christopher Lennertz