Trailer Story

The trailer tells a story of different side of the 1947 Partition. The line-of-control needs to be drawn and the only spanner in the wheel is this brothel which stands in between the partition of the 2 nations.


The plot wasn't convincing for me, the time-lines were a bit scattered and the whole idea dragged a bit too much. There are many creative leaps taken by the makers, some of them didn't go down well with me. The film attempts to showcase metophers between the Country's Partition and the plight of the women in the brothel.


All the actors in the film have done a great job of carrying the weight of this film on their shoulders. Be it the power packed performances of Vidya Balan, Ila Arun and Chunky Pandey or the subtle yet important performances by Rajit Kapoor, Gauhar Khan, Vivek Mushran, Ashish Vidyarthi, Naseeruddin Shah.


You seldom come across an album with great music. The music for this film is such, but unfortuntely it will never make it to the charts. "Prem Mein Tohre" by Asha Bhosle is a classic; "Aazaadiyan" by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Sonu Nigam get the best from both sides of the border together singing about Independence – Ironical; "Murshida" by Arijit Singh is a good soothing song too; the re-creation of Woh Subah by Khayyam saheb is magical, ensuring to not take away the essence of the retro classic

Writing & Screenplay

I have a problem with long drawn scenes that have been forced to make sense and add to the value of the film, on that point – editing could have been so much better. Srijit Mukherji, has directed the film, written it and given the screenplay. While the film drives towards oblivion, there are a few things highlighted in the film that needed a louder voice; a clearer voice; a voice with conviction which is subtle yet powerful; not in the face, take it or leave it kinda voice; but the voice that compels you to think. Hindu-Muslim divide, and calling names based on one's religion; the mis-treatement of women, especially when she is a professional (devoid of constitutional rights); the misunderstood story of partition and how the partition wasn't a whim of the British or the fantasy of the leaders of the nation, but a call to do the right thing at that time, a call that was made by the mentality of the people, the awam.

Final Verdict 

Its a good movie to watch if you want to see some good performances and how great actors like Vidya Balan can be so convincing in an unconvicing plot. Also a good movie to watch if you want to draw some inspiration to making a new film and drive home A point.

Warning: Adult content is high, so don't suggest you watch this film with your parents (even though they are adults) for fear of being deeply embarassed to the point that you might not be able to talk about the film over dinner. And parents to children younger than 18 – PLEASE! It's an A grade film. Also, theatre owners, why would you allow stupid parents to do this to their children, it's your social responsibilty to ensure crap like this isn't happening at your premise

General Details

Action, Drama
Run Time
134 mins
Release Date
14th April, 2017


Vidya Balan
Gauhar Khan


Srijit Mukherji
Mukesh Bhatt


Kausar Munir
Screen Play
Srijit Mukherji