Back Story

This has to be my longest affair, the story that started in 2001 continues till date and 16 years later, I still look forward to the next Fast & Furious sequel...

Yes, I am talking about super modified cars, street racing, brotherhood, adreline rush, crazy camera angles, pushing the limits of what cars can do, simple yet engaging stories, stories that make you push your humble 796cc to grunt like those beasts and turn yourself into a rebel like Dom (Vin Diesel). Beware of the new motor vehicles act!


The story is like all Fast & Furious stories – they tackle 1 problem as a family. It's all interwoven where characters re-appear time and again and make you realise what creative minds can do – spin a story in such a great way that you begin to live with those characters, chart their time-lines and wish some of them didn't die (RIP Paul Walker aka Brian O'Conner)


There are 2 reasons why the makers of Fast & Furious series chose Vin Diesel – firstly, his name is Win and secondly he is powered by Turbo Chargers of a "Diesel" engine. The cast ensemble is what it has been in all the films you have watched over the years and their performances are still amazing.


The beats are new, the grunts are new, the villian is new, the story is new, still it all feels so old. Music too, is just the way the previous 7 films have been, nothing that breaks the identity that Fast & Furious franchise has been able to create over the years, stays true to it's brand.

Editing & Direction

There isn't a dull moment in the film, something or the other keeps you engaged and why wouldn't it, especially when you have drool worthy cars grunting and doing stunts....F. Gary Gray stays true to the brand and delivers yet another action packed, emotionally driven, all about brotherhood film – The F8 of the Furious.

Writing & Screenplay 

Screenplay is nicely put together, there is a new villian, a new plan, new territory, new teaming up, new agenda, new family members while a lot of it still remains old. Writing is good, but maybe not as good as the first few parts of the franchise – but then again, I realise that the makers are trying to immortalize the characters of the film and create a legacy instead of creating stories and giving them more depth. Bentley's being crushed is depth enough for me!

Final Verdict

You're a guy who loves cars? Go watch this film. You are a Fast & Furious fan? Go watch this film. You are a girl and haven't really followed the series? Don't worry, watch the film if you want to see where Rohit Shetty gets his inspiration from. You have nothing to do and want to taste those caramel popcorn while watching something that has no surpise end? Go watch this film.

General Details

Run TIme
136 mins
Release Date
14th April, 2017


Vin Diesel


F Gary Gary
Michael Fottrell
Stephen F. Windon


Screen Play
Chris Morgan


Brian Tyler