Lenovo have gained a lot of success and goodwill by selling laptops. One of the most trusted electronic companies in the country; Lenovo decided to enter the smart phone market and launched their first smart phone with a strong partnership with Microsoft. They entered in the market in the year 2012 and completely dominated the Chinese Market and thus, becoming the fore-runners. The performance of the phone started banging doors of the international market by overtaking Apple as well.  “Buy one fits all” was the motto of the company which means that they wanted all the salient features of a smart-phone in one. 

Competition in the smart-phone market is absolutely cut throat. Every new release seems to be upping the ante for other smart-phone companies to show their capabilities and technology. The problem is that there are too many options present in today’s market but still, the perfect budget smart-phone hasn’t yet been decided. To prove the critics wrong, Lenovo came out with the K4 note Vibe and it just may be the budget smart-phone we are looking for. K4 Note Vibe faces tough competition from Xiomi Redmi Note 3 and LeEco (Le1). Lenovo K4 Note Vibe is priced at Rs. 10,999/- which makes it all the more attractive. 

Looks & Design

Compared to Redmi Note 3 and Le1, the K4 Note Vibe stands out in terms of looks and design. With the edges of the phone being blunt, the plastic finish on the back and the sides being of steel, it looks extremely sophisticated. Being made of plastic, surprisingly it is not extremely light. By the naked eye, Lenovo K4 Note Vibe looks mean and ridiculously intimidating. Mind you, it is quite sturdy and well built making it handsomely durable. 

The back part of the phone comprises of the back camera, finger print and flash. It has a Dolby Atmos logo on the lower end of the back. Not to forget, it’s a matte finish on the back end of the phone. The back panel comes off with ease and lying beneath is the battery, dual sim slots and an SD Card slot. Before we try to get all fancy and try to take matters into our own hands, we should know that the battery in this phone cannot be removed. The bottom of the phone has the USB slot which can be used as a charge port also while the top part of the phone has the audio jack panel (standard 3.5mm). Overall, the phone looks handsome.

Display & Resolution

The display screen of the Lenovo K4 Note Vibe is pretty smooth and the responsiveness of it towards the touch is very comfortable. There is no need to press the screen for opening/functioning of the phone. K4 Note Vibe has a 5.5 inch screen which is completely in HD with an IPS LCD panel. 

The screen from the onset looks tender and neat but it is fairly bright which somewhat pinches the eye. Auto-brightness scheme is also an option when natural light is at its peak. This option helps us in balancing the level of the ambient lights and the phone light; it decreases sensitivity and making it user-friendly.

Performance & Battery

Getting down to the performance specifications of the machine, the Lenovo K4 Note vibe is enhanced with the MediaTek MT6753. Having a RAM of 3GB, the functioning of the phone is decent and lag-free. There was weren’t any sluggish mechanism band therefore performs efficiently. Even gaming on this phone is acceptable but substantially large games do not work smoothly by having minor glitches and lags here and there making it very uncomfortable for the gamer. To be very honest, the performance of the Lenovo K4 Note Vibe is disappointing. Xiomi Redmi Note 3 and Le1s beat Lenovo down by much more superior software and also perform much better. Both of these phones have higher-caliber hardware which makes it much more desirable than the K4 Note Vibe. 

It uses a 3300 mAh battery which is much greater than the K3 Note which used a 2900 mAh battery. Built in with a 1.3 GHz Octa-core, the battery life of K4 Note is much better than the Redmi Note 3 and Le1s. It runs on Andriod 5.1 (Lollipop). When tested with other smartphones, K4 Note stands 7th in terms of battery usage in talk time. 6th in 3G browsing and 5th in WIFI browsing. The video playback feature puts K4 note in 4th position for the same. It also uses a 5W charger and thus charges the phone completely in rough 2hrs.To conclude, the Lenovo K4 Note Vibe is feeble compared to the Le1s and Redmi Note 3 in terms of performance and hardware/software. 


Lenovo K4 Note Vibe has a rear end capturer of 13mp and the front camera is a standard 5mp. To give you a in depth analysis, natural light photography is given full justice by the K4 Note Vibe, they come out with good sharpness and the tone of the picture is extremely comprehensive.  In-door photography is slightly disappointing as the picture looks a bit distorted and worrisome. 

Coming back to the front camera, as mentioned above, it is a 5mp capturer. It instantly makes it a selfie lover’s phone with imposing in-door lighting.  The application itself has many other options, few of them being that it is timer enabled, panaroma mode, edits before clicking the picture, brightness controlling mode etc. Video recording is also superior with complete HD resolution (1080p) for both, front and back cameras.

Networking & Connectivity

It is available in dual sim slot. Both, Sim slot 1 and Sim slot 2 need to be fitted with Micro-Sim cards. They are GSM enabled and are functional in both 3g and 4g. When tested, the dual speakers in the K4 Note vibe made it easier for the receiver to hear the recipient much clearly. Absolutely no disturbances were found in terms of connectivity making it very efficient for both parties. Unlike the Xiomi Redmi Note 3, this phone is NFC supported but has ignored the infrared mode. Using standard audio jacks of 3.5mm, it also supports FM. 


The most impressive feature of the K4 Note Vibe. Lenovo has absolutely slammed it in the multimedia section and brings in all the laurels by beating the Xiomi Redmi Note 3 and Le1s with ease.

The Dolby Atmos surround sound gives you a theater like experience and alongside the VR feature (YES! IT HAS VR), it would be nothing less than sitting in a cinema hall. The video recording is done in 1080p, making it completely HD. The earphones are bass enabled thus, making the songs sound crystal clear with heart-pumping bass. The accuracy by the Lenovo camp in terms of multimedia is too good!

Equalizer is not available in the K4 Note vibe but we can afford to see past that. Browsing pictures and videos in gallery is a piece of cake as it is visible right at the homepage. I maybe be sounding biased now but in the multimedia section (on personal experience), the K4 Note Vibe wins it hands down.

Suggestto Verdict

Yes, there are flaws in terms of performance and hardware but the Lenovo K4 Note Vibe gives the Xiomi Redmi Note 3 and Le1s a run for their money by sheer dominance in terms of networking/calling/connectivity, looks and multimedia. If you are a person who loves music, watching movies and browsing the internet, this phone is a dream phone for you. Mind you, it is VR (Virtual Reality) enabled making it a bonus for the Lenovo camp.

General Details

K series
Model Number
K4 Note
Black and White

Configuration Highlights

Operating System
Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop)
Octa core Mediatek MT6753
16 GB
3 GB

Product Dimensions


Display & Resolution

Screen Size
5.5 inches
Display Type
IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
Display Resolution
1080 x 1920 pixels


Front Camera
5 MP
Rear Camera
13 MP
Camera Technology


16 GB
128 GB

Network & Connectivity

SIM Slots
Connectivity Technologies
microUSB v2.0
Wireless LAN
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot


Battery Type
Battery Run Time
12 Hours


1 year